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More Desert Boxes

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This original Desert Box is made from 3/4” Red oak plywood and trimmed in White oak. The Plexiglas insert/cover is 1/4” and has White oak handles. 50 pounds of sand fills it about half way. I used ball casters to give the sand smooth ride and so the storyteller can maneuver the box with ease.

Another Desert Box (the off-road version!)

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A colleague asked me to make a box for her parish (St. Edmund's Episcopal Church, Pacifica) and there is considerable aggregate around the church. I was worried how my original design would hold up rolling along that rough surface Sunday after Sunday. So, I came up with the “off-road” design. This one comes with commercial, 3" rubber wheeled casters. In addition to wheels, I simply reinforced the corners both inside and out with the some Alder. Additionally, the inside corners allow the lid to sit flush. I really like the look. I also added a pull rope on this one and fixed casters in the rear. It works pretty well.
Materials are Birch plywood (the Home Center kind) and solid birch edging. The sheet goods from the Home Center are disappointing to say the least. The top veneer is so thin; it is very difficult to achieve the final finish without blowing through it. Slow going with a block plane that levels the edge and in spots the second layer is just beginning to peek through. Very frustrating. Next time, remember--Baltic Birch!
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Here is another version of the Classroom Desert Box. This one was made for St. John's Episcopal Church. It is made from Baltic Birch sheet goods and trimmed with Birch. I keep experimenting with different looks, I like this one. I will not use Birch again, however, too brittle--makes it had to work.  On this box, like the one below, the cover sits on corner blocks. I like the look.