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The Desert Box

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This Desert box is simple a 30”x 24”x 4” box on casters with a top to keep the sand in and little hands from turning it into an indoor sand box when not being used by a storyteller. It is a central tool in Godly Play storytelling. Many of the stories utilize the Desert box. The concept is pretty simple. Almost all of the sacred stories of scripture are told from the desert. Since it is hard to bring a group of kids out to the desert, you bring the desert to them! The kids love it as a story telling tool, it makes the stories become "alive" for them.

For ages, I have been playing with versions of the desert box that was rugged enough to stand up to years of many little hands, yet fast enough to produce in my shop when time is one of the most precious commodities. I think I have come up with that version.

The box is the same as the others, utilizing similar materials, 3/4” Baltic birch sheet stock and trimmed with alder. The top is a 1/2” piece of un-banded Baltic birch with a simple 1/8” round over to ease the edges.

It’s what’s “under the hood” that makes a difference in this version. First I used simple, strong, and FAST joinery--rabbets with screws. I really like the plug detail, it matches nicely with the alder band. This band was attached with glue and biscuits, no mechanical fasteners. A great look and VERY strong!

Below is a picture of a couple boxes ready for pick-up.
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