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Dust Collection

Dust Collection

My main dust collector is a Grizzly G0548ZP with upgraded casters and an American Fabric Filter heavy canvas collection bag. The power switch gave out, so I have replaced that as well.

Since I only use one tool at a time, I save the expense of a stationary dust collector with very pricy piping and hook up the machine to the tool I am currently using.


The DeWalt dust extractor is connected to the dust port on the SawStop blade guard. I turn it on remotely with an inexpensive remote control switch that I now carry in the tool pouch on my hip having sent the first version through the dust collector as the remote used to be stored at the end of my fence.

The Festool CT MIDI 1 HEPA is my second Festool purchase. It lives next to my bench and is ready for general cleanup and required dust collection for the Domino and the 3M sander. It is a VERY quiet and powerful dust extractor, and, in my opinion, well worth the premium price for this tool.

Shop Vac and Air Cleaner

The DeWalt shop vac is dual-purpose: general shop cleanup and dust collection with the Oneida Dust Deputy at the router station.

The air cleaner sits at the top of the shop, and I occasionally remember to turn it on!! :) For the most part, I am rarely in the shop with the double garage door down, so it gets minimal use!

A New Dust Deputy

This picture is the result of routing T-slots in Baltic Birch sheet stock for a Domino jig I was creating.

I had recently installed a new router motor in the router center and installed a piece of 4" flex hose at the top of the router so the motor would draw fresh air from outside the case. I started smelling smoke and initially thought it was my router as the Dust Deputy was behind the center, out of sight.

I have literally collected hundreds of pounds of Baltic Birch dust from the router into this Dust Deputy and bucket and have never had anything close to this before! It was a real shocker. Of course, it was just over 100 degrees in my shop that late morning. So, that is a new wrinkle I need to figure out. Needless to say, I am cautious these days to check all my dust collectors after finishing up in the shop for the day!

This is the new upgraded Dust Deputy. The cyclone is larger, and the collection bin is steel this time. At least the fire will be contained if it ever happens again!