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Shop Cabinets

Undersaw Cabinet

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The idea for this cabinet comes from Popular Woodworking. I thought it was a great idea to use up the wasted space under the saw and SAVE me from trooping all over the shop to get blades, etc. I made a couple changes to the published idea. First, since everything in my shop needs to be mobile, I needed to hang the cabinet off the saw so I could get at the foot lever. I accomplished this by screwing the top of the cabinet carcass to the underside of the side table. To support the right side of the carcass I made use of the angle iron stretcher that comes with the Unifence legs for support (picture below right).

I placed a couple drawers inside the cabinet carcass (below left). The drawers I found at our wood lot (dump), nice 1/2" birch plywood drawers. Price is right! I also built a simple box with three trays in it to hold the three blades I use most often and installed it in the lower drawer.
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The top drawer presented a different problem! Because of a 5" over hang, I could not find any slides with that kind of over travel. So to get around this, I made the draw box extra deep and then used a couple strips cut from a UHMW cutting board for the drawer runners. Works great and a cutting board is a fraction of the price of sheet of the stuff from the wood worker's catalogs.

The Miter Station

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This miter saw station design is from The New Yankee Workshop: Garage Workshop. I added the dust collection (which is removable) and simply extended the wings and added a stop block track with a tape built in. Works really well. Doors are MDF and carcass is paint grade shop plywood. I still have to make a pull out shelf for the tools—someday I will get to that!
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Well I FINALLY got around to a pullout drawer, and about time too! I cannot count the number of times I have fought with cords and tried to unbury something in the bottom of this rolling cabinet (see lower left picture), about fifty times longer than the 45 minutes it took to create this full extension pullout drawer! I added a simple shelf above it and now I have ample storage to neatly put away my tools!
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Cordless Drill Station

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ShopNotes #58 is credited with this addition to the shop. I have made a couple of these for friends, it is really a popular way to store drills, saws and chargers! Note also the plastic drafting squares hanging to the left. A GREAT device for setting up machines, and costs only a few bucks! Hang them were they will be protected and you can get at them!

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