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East Wall

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The East wall contains most of the machines in the shop. On the wall is the clamp rack and simple cabinet with shelves; the design for it comes from the New Yankee Workshop. The little box over the bandsaw is a bandsaw and tablesaw blade storage box.
The tools on the floor: 20" planer and points out onto the driveway. This machine was just too large to roll around at 800+ pounds! On top of the planer I set my 18" drum sander. In gap between the planer and the jointer, I roll the large DC into when we shut down for the night. Next inline is a large compressor and bench top drill press that sits on a cabinet I originally created for the Ridgid sander. The Grizzly GO529 sanding station comes next and GO555 14" band saw.
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Right next to my bench (which needs some surface attention) is the miter-saw. The left wing I just leave up and the right wing I put up as needed. The small 1hp DC to the left of the saw is hard piped into the miter saw, band saw and sanding station. The drill press is next inline and back on the wall is the 30A sub-panel, which provides all power to the shop. Ample for a one-person shop, but stretched when the DC and large planer are turning.
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The last picture along the east wall here is my old Walker-Turner drill press. It does not have all the bells and whistles of a new machine, but it runs like champ and is solid steel. They simply do not make machines this like this anymore!  
In the middle is the small Harbor Freight pancake compressor, which has actually been replaced by a Rigid twin-stack portable compressor. Way better! On the right is the Delta 1hp dust collector.