The Garage Shop Ministry

Specializing in VBS & Woodworking for People of Faith!

The Center and Ceiling

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The heart of my shop--a bench! I made this in 2005 and I am amazed how it changed my entire woodworking around! Having a flat surface for assembly is a lifesaver! It is stable and HEAVY! Someday I will put a cabinet under it, but then where would I put the clutter that is there now?!
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I have owned a number of table saw, but this one is my favorite. It is not as robust as a cabinet saw, but when I purchased it, it was the best saw that I could afford and was half the price of any cabinet saw on the market. Grizzly makes a cabinet saw for about what I purchased this saw for, but I do not think the fence in as good as the Delta Unifence which came stock on this saw. More in the table saw section of this site.
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Space is tight in my shop as you can see from the picture to the right. The jointer sits right next to the table saw and sits just a couple feet from the east wall. It is tight, but enough room to get around. 
Because we are a temporary shop, all the tools have cords and DC ducts running to them. SOMEDAY, I may be a homeowner and I will hard wire machines and install spiral ducting!

Looking Up!

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The four pictures above are shots of the ceiling. About 3/4 of the way in the garage is a large hanging cabinet that provides an enormous amount of household storage. The top left pictures provides my inspiration, the cross is obvious for a priest's shop, and the picture is of Norm! The top right picture is the shop's air scrubber. Read more about that on the DC page.

Lower left are some of the templates for various projects and the safety signs for a number of the stationery power tools. Finally, the lower right picture shows the moveable lights that hang over my bench. An elegant solution as the reflector is dirt cheap and I can move the light source to highlight multiple angles!