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Shop Tour

Please note: this is an overview page of the shop. For more info, please click on the link below the picture to jump to wall of that area of the shop.
The shop is an 18' X 22', 2-car garage shop.
These first four pictures are taken from the four corners of the shop to give you a perspective. The fifth a view of the ceiling and center of the shop. But first, a word about how it is all powered!
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Just behind the drill press is a surface mount sub-panel. My entire shop is powered off one 30Amp dryer circuit (we have a gas dryer). Since I am a single user shop and all machines that can use 220v are wired thus, the overall amp load is small. Lots of breakers in there (I got the sub-panel used and filled with breakers for $10) we only use one light circuit (which is isolated circuit so in case of a tripped breaker by a machine, one is not sitting in the dark!), two 110v and two 240v. As I said, the lights and one circuit is the only thing energized at a time.

View the shop from one of its four corners (click a tab)

East Wall

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For detail about the east wall, click here.

North Wall

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For detail about the north wall, click here.

West Wall

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For detail about the west wall, click here.


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For detail about the center of the shop and the ceiling, click here.

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