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Furniture Projects

My Favorite Project

This is by far my favorite piece. Made for my bride to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Designed to match the TV stand and bed. White Oak with oil.

White Oak Bed Room Furniture

White Oak with oil finish

Mission inspired. White Oak with oil finish.

Blumm concealed full-drawer slide. Pricy, but really nice!

Simple ½" Baltic Birch box with finger-joints.


My parents asked me to make this for them; they want to replace their cabinet set. Alder with oil finish.

DVD compartment and simple drawer.

Originally this loft bed had a desk underneath, it now resides in our house in the mountains. Ash with a poly finish.

This mission-inspired table I built for a friend. White Oak, with poly finish. Can't remember what color she asked me to stain it.

The dresser I made for my bride. The top with its concentric rings was interesting. Pine and Birch ended up being a nice combo! Finished with blonde shellac.

My brother-in-law and I collaborated on this project. His first! Came out nice. Poplar since we were going to paint.

I was stunned to see what they get for these commercially. Octagon stand has a 2X4 frame, skinned with Yellow Pine panels. Poly finish.

One of my parishes gave me this lovely quilt as a going-away gift…had to create a stand to show it off! Poplar with Poly finish.

A narrow case of White Oak. Oil finish.

A 9-pot plant stand made of Red Cedar and finished with Poly. Has held up reasonably well in the weather.

Special Project

My local shelter, where I was a transport volunteer, asked if I could create a feeding chair for a large dog that had to eat while standing on his back legs. This was my solution. Baltic Brish sheet stock.

The happy pup after his evening meal!