The Garage Shop

Projects for the Church

My Favorite Project

Children's altar. I made this for a priest friend of mine as she began a new family service. 18" tall and made from Red Oak and oil finish.

The same priest asked me to disassemble the pulpit and create an altar. This is the result—Walnut with a hard wax oil finish.

My very first project

I made this while in the Navy from Home Depot Poplar—my first woodworking project. The Navy supply system wanted thousands of dollars to get me an altar. So rather than spend our tax dollars, I took out my Visa and spent a few dollars to create this. Finished with poly.

I created this matching font to go withe the altar. Poplar and poly finish.

New Yankee Workshop plant stand! :) It was our offertory stand at the back of the chapel. Pine with oil finish.

Various church projects

I have made a couple of these Mangers. It is made from "dunnage" wood. The wood comes from the recycled wood pile on the Air Ground Combat Center in 29 Palms CA where I was stationed in the late 90's.

The military ship their munitions encased in wood— in this case, a SMAW (shoulder mount assault weapon). I find the tension of creating a manger for the birthplace of Christ made from recycled wood from a weapon of war a great example of "Anglican tension."

My former parish asked me to create a marker for our parish cat.


Communion chalice and paten case made for my colleague at Holy Cross, Castro Valley. Aldar with oil finish.

Five sides for brochures, a flat surface for sign-up sheets, and a cut-out in the middle for a greeter to stand and help folks. This was a great project for my parish. Skniined with ½" Baltic Birch panels, trimmed with Birch, and finished with poly.

2X4s and 5" casters. Ready for the next earthquake! :)

Mailbox cabinet I made for my parish. Birch and poly finish.

I am NOT much of a cabinet maker, I like furniture better. Birch panel doors, Composite covered particle board carcass, and composite top. Poly finish.

Created for a priest friend of mine to give to her God-children. Maple with poly finish.

For the top of the information table! ¾" Baltic Birch and poly finish.