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Specializing in VBS & Woodworking for People of Faith!

Remember everything created in the Garage Shop is a volunteer effort. All of the woodworking is done by myself. Therefore, if you are on a time certain deadline, we suggest that you contact a commercial supplier. We simply can not guarantee a time specific commission.

Before making your commission request, please read the following

Garage Shop produced woodworking materials are NOT ready to be used right out of the box! What we do in the Garage Shop is do the woodworking portion of a woodworking project that faith communities cannot do due to lack of tooling or specific woodworking skills.

All of the Garage Shop materials will require a bit of light sanding with 120 grit or so paper to remove glue residue and prepare the surface for a final finish.

How to make a commision request

We are once again entertaining commission requests to do the wood working faith communities can't do for themselves.
Before you make your request, please understand that I am the senior priest (i.e., Rector) of Holy Cross Episcopal Church, which is a very active and growing community. As requests come in they are simply added to the line of requests. It is sometimes days, weeks, or even month’s before I can get to a request, or even the emails! Please be patient, I will get to you.

As I am only in the shop, at best, once a week on my day off, commission requests can sometimes take quite a bit of time.

With all this in mind, please the "Contact Us" button found in the footer of every page and submit your request.

A note about finishes

Finishing Instructions

Your woodworking material will arrive ready for final sanding. As we indicate above, we pass on the final sanding and finish work to the parish. Some 120 grit sand paper and hand sanding is all you will need to prepare the surface for a finish. If you come across some dried PVA glue (looks like brown plastic) it is usually easier to scrape that first and then sand, but it will sand off as well.

A common question I get asked is what is a “safe” finish for materials made of wood. Frankly, all wood finishes are safe as long as they are allowed the time to cure fully. Curing time will be different for each finish material you choose. Check with your local stain and finish expert at a paint store.

What do I use? I like a finish that is hardy and easy to apply. My favorite is an equal mixture of Boiled Linseed oil, gloss Polyurethane, and Naphtha. The oil allows the mixture to be applied with a rag, a “hand rubbed” application, the Poly will build after a few coats and provide a durable finish, and the Naphtha will also help the finish to flow and dry quickly as the naphtha flashes off fairly quickly. This allows you to rub on an additional coat in an hour or so. How long will it take to cure? Depends on how much of each of the three liquids you use. Generally, 2 weeks to a month or use your nose. When you cannot smell the finish anymore, it is cured.

Another easy alternative is simply rub on boiled Linseed oil; I will use this when I do not want to “build” a finish. This is great finish for wood stories as it will add to the oil from all the little hands over time and will create a GREAT patina over the wood. You can also get a can of spray shellac. Shellac is a resin that is secreted from the Lac bug. It is safe, in fact it is used as a food glaze! It dries fast and looks great. It is not very hardy, but you can always re-spray to the story as needed.

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I am not interested in receiving your emails. Please do not leave solicitations here.
All others, I will get back to you as soon as I am able. There are times of the year that a response time slows down, but fear not, you will NOT be forgotten.

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