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Spring 2020

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25 March 2014

It is with a heavy heart that, as of today, at the insistence of the Godly Play Foundation, I will no longer be able to help your faith community in doing the technical woodworking for your Godly Play stories.

I am committed, however, to using the stewardship of this shop and the gifts God has loaned me to take trees and give them new life in a new creation; and I will endeavor to help faith communities with VBS woodworking materials and other woodworking for the Church and all communities of faith.

I will continue to do woodworking at the cost of materials only. It has been suggested that I am "selling" woodworking materials. This is not true, and has never been the case. Even though I pass on to the commission the cost of materials for each request of a commission, the fact is,
every single woodworking commission that has been produced in this shop was done at a personal loss of income to me. I have never been reimbursed for the tools, sharpening, electricity, and certainly the enormous amount of time.

So why do I do this? The Garageshop woodworking ministry is a stewardship of my soul, and the gospel of Matthew (6.21) reminds me "For where your treasure is, there your heart will lie also." It has been a joy to be able to share this treasure with the children of the world.

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